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Jun 16

On Integrity - OOC

Hi there,

Normally I don't do this sort of thing, and I assure you - if you follow this blog for OC content, you'll be back to your regularly scheduled content sooner rather than later (the broody boy will be back shortly, I promise). But for a moment, let's take a step down memory lane and let me tell you a quick story.

In early 2013 I was in my second to last semester of grad school and taking one of my last elective courses. It wasn't a terribly trying course, but it did require a group project with a presentation and a paper (because of course it did).

Shouldn't be a big deal, right? We're all graduate students - some of us just about to graduate, some of us just starting out in our programs, but no one in the class was brand new to college. We all knew the rules.

Cite your sources. Don't plagiarize. Have integrity.

Fast forward to two days before the paper is due and before we have to present in front of the class - one of my group members and myself were on the doc reviewing our parts when I (being a perfectionist) decided it might be a good idea just to check and see how the rest of the paper was looking - make sure things were in order...and noticed that one of the group members either had some amazingly technical writing skills (well above what one might expect for someone who was in their first semester of a graduate program)...or there was a problem.

And oh boy was there a problem.

When compared to the source material it was a word for word match.

And I lost my sh*t.

Keep in mind...I'm ALMOST DONE with my Masters, and if I hadn't caught this? There goes that degree.

I pointed it out to the other group member on the doc at the time, and between the two of us we managed to re-write the paper, citing the sources properly and without the plagiarism.

Went to class a two days later to present, and guess who didn't know their sh*t to present - if you're guessing our plagiarizing friend, you'd guess correctly.

I knew enough of the material to pull the group across the finish line - and myself and the other member who had been on the doc a couple days before had a chat with the professor after class was over.

Whatever happened to that other group member - I couldn't tell you, but what I can tell you is that their actions (and inaction) told me quite a bit.

So what does any of this have to do with ANYTHING on this blog? It comes down to integrity.

Doing the right thing when no one is looking.

In the academic world, there are very real consequences for taking someone else's work and claiming it as your own. I almost paid the price for someone doing just that on a project I happened to be assigned to with them.

In an RP setting, there's not a penalty for doing that kind of thing, at least not in the same sense - we just have to hope that people have the integrity and the honesty not to do that to one another.

There are so many stories out there to be told - so many characters to create.

And at the end of the day - I know every person who has an OC has put thought and effort into their characters (can we really quantify how much?) - but we each have to do just that...put in individual work.

It's one thing to be inspired by someone - but do the legwork, put in the the right thing when no one is looking.

This is a hobby that we all engage in, there are people on the other side of the screen. Respect yourself and the people around you. Be kind to yourself and the people around you.

There's no penalty in the RP world - but a little honesty goes a long way.

Thanks for listening/reading - be wonderful to one another.

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Apr 4, 2022

Can you write about Tommy dating a exchange student from America? I love your stories and if you want to write it

do my homework — tommyinnit!

summary: tommyinnit finds someone he deems more worthy of his love than the queen, and that someone is an american.

authors notes: AAAAAA HELLO ANONN!! YES OF COURSE BELOVED — TOMMY?!?!? DATING AN AMERICAN?!?!? WHAT COULD HAPPEN HEHEHEHE CHECK IT OUT^^ p.s i didn't really focus much on the american part im sorry but i played more with the student bit ehhehrhheh

you were doing your homework that was far from finishing while listening to your favorite song from spotify, you bopped your head and hummed the melody while writing words on your paper — all was well, today you got a pretty decent score in class guaranteed additional conduct scores from you professor and the things being said were understood and you easily aced a quiz which boosted morale, you were stuck with one question in the assignment so you tapped the pen by your lip hoping an answer to appear at the top of your head when suddenly a notification caught your attention.

tom y/n im outside open the f*cking door

it was tommy, your boyfriend. you left your homework on your desk before heading towards the door, opening it you were tackled by a giant into a clingy hug "oh my god, tommy" you giggle to his chest - feeling soft and squished by the lanky boy cuddling you with a boyish smile on his face. "what? can't i miss you y/n?" he teased. "tommy we hung out yesterday" you looked up at him with a look of disbelief. "toooo looongg, don't you miss me too darling?" he pouted while bending down to level with your face - you smiled at his antics and booped his nose, you held his hand bringing him to your room and pulled out another seat next to yours to do your homework with him.

"holy sh*t dude, you aced your test earlier - good job man" he praised looking at one of the few papers that were scattered on your desk, "thanks tom" you smiled and sat down, he scrunched his nose and nodded in return - sitting next to you. "so uh i'll just finish this one and.. i'll take you out to dinner" you offered looking directly into his beautiful blue eyes with a slight smirk on your face. "you don't say" he says in amusem*nt but doesn't deny your proposition.

you returned to finishing your homework, focused and determined to finish to go to that date with him - not noticing how tommy just looked at you like you were one rare diamond with his hands brushing your hair that soothed you beyond words. you truly were anticipating what's to come once you finish your homework.

please don't translate and repost on other sites without my consent, or steal/plagiarize my written works — sincerely, harley (. ㅅ .)

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Sep 5, 2022

If you don't mind me ranting a little bit, I'm just genuinely curious.

The whole plagirism thing often makes me thinking how good writers are in... well... writing. But like, in a fanfic or even story wise, you can just use your imaginations, right? As long as there's no sign of similarities or ideas, then you're good. But what about academic level. I'm a uni student who's having trouble writing paper since the first semester, because I'm not good in literature and paraphrasing. They always said to use paraphrase and make it into your own words. But I just can't make it into my own words without emitting the point. And then I see you writers pointing plagirism out of something... I usually think as paraphrasing in my papers. Like really just.. finding synonymous words in the sentences. I'm not a writer though and my papers are just assignments that my teachers collect, but not publicize.

I'm sorry for the random rambling, but I guess it sometimes amaze me how you people can even write things creatively without plagirizing. I guess I'm just a big failure in writing papers is all. Like gosh, thesis will be my nightmare. People often said that asian education are strict and extreme.. maybe. To me, even the common student in western high school is probably still smarter than me. I don't know.. I'm like just failing life because I'm struggling with the simplest thing like studying.

okay, so i feel like there are several different things you're asking me here and i'll try my best to address them all!

first, it's understandable that it's tough to paraphrase sometimes, particularly when you're talking about academic concepts. the best advice i can give you for this is to try and imagine that you are explaining the concept you are tasked with writing to someone else -- someone who doesn't undertand the subject material you're talking about. try to imagine the paper you're writing as a conversation, in which you are trying to convey the idea to someone else. chances are, you wouldn't repeat your source material word for word to someone else. how does that change what you say and write?

second -- as to the plagiarism here on tumblr, here is how i see it.

many of us writers are touching on many of the same things, and often in the same way. but there is a difference between using similar language to tell a story and (using @jimilter example here) this:

look at the structure of those sentences. they're the exact same, but for one or two words here and there. not only are these the same thoughts but mechanically they are stitched together the exact same way -- which maybe on it's own could be a fluke, but when paired with the many other examples ash provided could NO WAY be a mistake.

playing devil's advocate here, it could totally be possible to have a sentence here and there in a fic be similar to another author's work, especially given that a lot of us are writing about the same thing. but the same phrasing, the same mechanics over and over in the same fic is just like -- not possible. this girl knew exactly what she was doing -- and she did it to a "friend!" -- and then had the nerve to catch an attitude about it when she was called out.

listen, i can't speak for every writer on this site but hot DAMN i feel like i put a lot of time and energy and thought into what i write. the whole excercise of writing is deeply personal in some ways and to have someone lift your words like that is -- the sh*ttiest thing that can happen to a writer. that's your hours of hard work. that's your idea that you put down and someone else just scooped it up and decided to claim credit.

anyway, i'm sorry this happened to ash. it happens a lot and it's never okay. i hope that helps explain why it's such a big deal to writers when something like this goes down.

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Oct 15, 2022

I just read a vice article on how students have started using AI to write homework and essays for them to cut down on the time it takes to finish tasks like that (from 2 hours to 20mins), and the comment section (on reddit) was filled with people trying to solve the problem with a lot of bad points lmaooo but I gotta talk about it

I love seeing how humans can find loopholes no matter how strict a system might be and then relying on those loopholes to make life easier or simpler because that's how it should be. If teachers are giving assignments that are easy for an AI to complete and students have realized that, then they're not doing their jobs well, and I'm speaking as someone with a teaching degree that used to work in the field. Instead of giving students pages worth of writing assignments, ask them verbal questions they have to think about just as much as the writing assignments and have them answer verbally. And anyone with social anxiety that's not comfortable with that kind of assessment can simply take an open book exam with questions that they wouldn't be able to answer well without knowing the subject material in depth. Just to clarify, this is about students further into education, I'm not talking about freshmen, they have to learn the core of what it takes to write papers and make good arguments first to be able to handle the same thing in the future just in a modified way. This way, not only will teacher be able to check the knowledge of the students, but they can also avoid the whole plagiarism issue that writing has a lot of and it's tough to get around. And cut down on assignments and the time it takes to finish them. The best professor I had by far was able to teach the lessons in class so well, that just by paying attention and taking notes here and there, you'd be able to pass the exams with no studying whatsoever, and it was open book exams like I mentioned before. She was incredible and truly passionate about getting students to truly learn but she did give out a ton of homework for extra credit and stuff which a lot of people just didn't do and didn't like her for, because of the workload and because it was an elective class that didn't really weigh in on whether you graduate or not as long as you pass. It was her teaching that actually helped me most while I was working as a teacher myself to help my students better understand the subject matter in a way that works for them (she taught different methodologies for teaching and assessment, different types of IQ and how best to engage students with each type, classroom management, etc)and all of it worked so well that over 90% if my students had high marks and my subject was their favorite because of her teaching methods because they work perfectly for pretty much anyone. I wish for everyone to have at least one teacher in life like her. Anyway, back to the main point, any thoughts on how to work around AI and assignments to check students' knowledge that I may have overlooked? Thanks!

You made some very good points! As an undergrad right now, I personally like written assignments the most because they give me an opportunity to explore the topic in detail (as opposed to, say a group presentation that will mainly test your patience lmao) and a lot of my friends have tried out AI to work on their assignments but it just. doesn't work every time? I mean you'll get a few paragraphs that meet your word limit, sure, but you'd be able to tell on the first read itself that this assignment was not an individual effort ykwim? At least that's what I've seen so far, but what one of our profs does is they ask us questions based on our submitted papers two days after the deadline, just to see if we actually knew what we were writing or simply paraphrased a wikipedia article lol

#you are so right a good prof does SO MUCH for us!! I'm so thankful that one of our most imp subjects is taken by my fave prof this sem#you ask for the tab*


Feb 4, 2021

Blakeworther,,,but college


Blakeworther: ORIGINS (hopefully actually canon-compliant?)

-Vincent didn’t want a roommate. But RMU has a policy that unless a first-year has an extreme medical condition that requires them to room alone, they have to double up due to high attendance rates vs. limited dorm space. So unfortunately, Vincent needs to stay in the same room as this “Victor Blake” person he’s never met before and probably won’t like.

-He opens the door to their room on the first day. Victor is already there, decorating his half of the room. And you think Victor is a flirt nowadays? This is a Victor straight out of high school, with lingering teenage hormones. He takes one look at Vincent, gives him a coy smile, and just goes “Hello, beautiful.” And winks.

-Vincent goes “Don’t talk to me” and starts setting up his side of the room.

-Well, that’s rude. Victor tries to engage in conversation a couple more times, but Vincent makes it clear he is NOT HAVING IT, so Victor eventually gives up and pouts. (Vincent really is pretty. But more importantly than that, Victor kind of wanted his roommate to be his friend. That seems like a requirement for the college experience.)

-Oh, well. If they can put up with each other for one (1) year, they can request new roommates for their second year.

-Vincent sets off for his 8 a.m. on the first day. Psychology 101. He gets going at about 7 because he NEEDS to make a statement by getting there first. Back in high school, he was valedictorian, and he must continue to show people how classy, smart, and punctual he is.

-He arrives at the classroom. Seemingly empty. He strides through the door -

-The next thing he knows, he’s on the floor. Someone has screamed. He thinks it’s him. He’s disheveled, his books scattered. What just happened?

-After assessing the situation and going over the split-second incident that is retroactively gelling in his memory, he realizes that he walked through that door, and somebody who was waiting on the other side of the wall, just around the corner and out of sight, leapt out and JUMPSCARED him the moment he walked in.

-He looks up at the perpetrator who stands above him, giggling his ass off. This asshole is wearing a bright pink shirt and he’s admittedly kinda cute but also this was unforgivable.

-Victor: “What the HELL was that for?” Pink Shirt Man: “I knew someone would come along who thought they were first, and I wanted to make it clear this is my territory. I was here for fifteen minutes before you.” Vincent: “Why the HELL were you waiting here for fifteen minutes - “

-He makes a point of gathering up his books VERY ANGRILY and stomping to the furthest corner of the classroom to sit as far away from Pink Shirt as possible. Then glares at him venomously.

-So. A word on Albert. He grew up an only child with very few friends. He’s got a roommate too, but the guy’s an introvert in dark glasses who barely talks, spends like all his time watching anime, and is visibly just scared of Albert. So that friendship is out the window.

-(Yes. It’s Winston. He has not had an easy life.)

-This leaves Albert, who has no idea how to appropriately interact with people but has way too much pent-up energy, trying to figure out how to get people’s attention so he can make friends. But when I say he has no idea, I mean he has NO idea.

-So he sits down in the front row where his stuff was previously and just turns and STARES AT VINCENT until the rest of the class files in. Vincent keeps his eyes turned anywhere but at this Pink Shirt Creep because who stares at somebody over their shoulder for ten solid minutes?

-Albert chalks this up as a victory. Sure, this dude hates him, but that’s more attention than he was getting before!

-For the rest of the class, Vincent is hoping they can just move on and have a normal day in which he knocks every question fired his way out of the park. But that’s not what happens. What happens is this PINK SHIRT ASSHOLE in the front row keeps answering questions without being called on, and not even seriously. With the most MORBID sense of humor.

-Prof: “What are the three ways to study the brain?” Albert: “Smash open the test subject’s skull, rip it out, and have fun.”

-Vincent KNEW the answer was “lesion, stimulation, recording” and he’s so mad.

-He leaves this class grumpy.

-He’s on an alternating schedule, so block A of classes one day, block B the next. His next classes for A day go well and he gets to show off a fair bit of his intellect. But then the last class of block B and it’s art.

-Guess who’s there? Not Victor, unfortunately!

-Vincent walks in the door and THE PINK SHIRT ASSHOLE is there and Albert just waves at him “Hello” and Vincent is in hell.

-Same thing. Albert spends the whole class being obnoxious and annoying, but in a way that gets the other students to laugh. And Vincent just stews.

-Over the next few days, Vincent spends a lot of study time in his room rather than in the library because it’s quieter. Victor respects that Vincent will complain if there’s too much noise and so wears headphones when he’s working because he likes music in the background.

-One day, he accidentally rips the headphone jack out of the laptop and the song he was listening to blares over the dorm. He fixes the volume, already going, “Well, sor-ry for the accident - “

-Vincent: “Actually, I like that song. Have you listened to the album or do you just like it as a standalone?”

-Victor: “I...I saw them in concert, actually.”

-They have the first real conversation they’ve ever had since they moved in together because they ended up liking the same song. And they’re happy to be talking about it. This is good! Maybe they can be friends after all!

-First exam in Psych 101. Vincent feels pretty confident. This is a test he didn’t really put too much effort into studying for because he’s confident he memorized everything from high school. it turns out, he didn’t. But he fudges it as best he can, sure he’s at least doing better than the simpletons of the class. He’s the only one who takes this seriously, after all.

-Exam results come back, and the prof reveals that he’s graded on a curve. One student and one alone got a 95% on the exam; the rest failed horrendously.

-Vincent is about to rest on his laurels when the prof says “And that person is Albert Krueger.”

-Who the hell is -

-PINK SHIRT ASSHOLE stands up and bows playfully.

-Vincent now has a name for his nemesis. ALBERT KRUEGER. He’ll remember that and not be happy about it.

-So he’s chatting with Victor a lot more now as they hang out. Victor has a problem one day because one of his econ courses has a particularly picky prof who’s failed every single one of his essays to date, and he’s afraid he’s going to actually fail his favorite subject.

-Vincent takes a look at that prof’s notes. To his eyes, it’s easy to see what arbitrary hoops the prof wants Victor to jump through. It’s also easy to see that Victor actually is doing what’s asked of him and grasping the material; the prof just demands these extra trappings, probably as a power trip.

-Vincent knows exactly how to write the next paper to make it fit requirements. And so he says, “If you don’t have a problem with plagiarism, I can get the next one to pass.”

-Victor: “Well, don’t make it too perfect, or they’ll catch on.”

-Vincent writes Victor a solid B- of a paper. And it’s graded with the expected B-. Victor is SO thankful and calls Vincent a genius.

-About time someone around here did. Since it strokes his ego, Vincent offers to do any paper Victor wants for him, free of charge.

-Meanwhile! In art class, they’ve been assigned a midterm visual art project. Vincent can already tell that his piece is...good but not great. You know who’s making a fantastic landscape painting that everyone else in the studio ahhs at every day he works on it? AAAAAALBERT KRUEGER.

-Vincent is trying so hard not to explode.

-Vincent and Victor decide to eat lunch together because they like each other now. They head on down to the cafeteria, load up their plates with food, go to get the last two puddings on the shelf -

-Somebody takes the last two puddings.


-Albert: “I believe it is they who snooze who must lose.” He didn’t even want two puddings. But while people can get temporarily impressed with his prowess, annoying people is the only way he can REALLY get lasting attention. Most people go “Albert’s painting is so cool!” and leave. Vincent, though? Vincent keeps on making a SCENE out of it and Albert likes that. So he made sure neither Vincent nor Vincent’s friend could have any pudding.

-Vincent and Victor sit down, pudding-less. Victor: “Who was that guy?”

-Vincent explains the whole thing. He rambles for almost the whole lunch period about how much he HATES Albert. Culminating in how he knows that Albert’s art project is going to get highest marks and make Vincent’s look so much worse by its very existence.

-Victor: “You know...I have a plan, but it’s not entirely legal. If you want to get back at him, though...” Vincent: “I’m listening.”

-They break into the locked art studio after hours and RIP ALBERT’S PAINTING INTO SHREDS. That’s, like, twenty hours of work just gone. They leave no evidence.

-The following day, Albert approaches the two of them at lunch: “I know it was you. You can’t lie to me about this. From now on, we are at war. You, Vincent, are my mortal enemy. And you, Vincent’s accomplice, I know were talked into this by him, but you’re on the thinnest of ice.”

-Vincent’s fine with this. Victor thinks it’s funny and doesn’t own up to having come up with the idea.

-Anyway, Vincent and Victor start hanging out more, so when there’s a school dance, they decide to go together. Just as bros, not as PARTNERS what are you even - no. Platonic. Heheheheh

-And they have a good time dancing! Vincent doesn’t normally like this sort of thing, but Victor’s into it, so they’re cutting a rug.

-A small throng of students is gathered in the middle of the floor, watching some spectacle. Victor wants to see what’s going on. So he brings Vincent over.

-Everyone’s watching a particular student just absolutely breakdance with the greatest of skill. And GUESS WHO?

-Vincent enters RAGE MODE

-Victor: “Oh, no, here we go.” (Secretly thinking to himself that Albert did have some sexy moves indeed.)

-Vincent storms in and CHALLENGES ALBERT TO A DANCE-OFF. Albert accepts. Victor calls himself a third competitor so as not to be left out, and Vincent rules that either he or Victor winning will be a victory for Vincent.

-Well, Albert gains more applause by a LANDSLIDE. Vincent and Victor are good dancers, but Albert is FANTASTIC. Vincent complains the rest of the night and Victor’s just “Look, I know he was gorgeous and he got all the attention but please pay attention to me”

-Things continue like this until the next semester, when classes are shuffled and FINALLY Vincent is free of Albert.

-You know who walks in to find Albert just staring creepily at him from the front row of his first class? VICTOR.

-It’s Biology. Right away, the class gets a partner assignment, and the prof sticks Albert and Victor together.

-Might as well make the best of this.

-So they get to just awkwardly chatting. Victor tries to keep himself level-headed. Albert still doesn’t know it was Victor’s idea to destroy his painting. So they’re just playing it cool.’s actually kind of fun to talk to one another?

-Albert lets slip that he likes bio a bit better than psych, but everyone’s expecting him to take up the position at Krueger Health Corp. Victor’s just like “So f*ck ‘em. Switch majors.”

-Albert then blurts “Have you ever wanted to dismember someone who wronged you?”

-Victor: “Yes. All the time.”

-So for the first time, somebody is giving Albert attention that is NOT rivalry and is NOT just marveling at his talents and antics. This is new. He’s not sure how to handle it.

-For the rest of the semester, Victor is technically on Team Vincent, but he still waves at Albert when they pass on the grounds.

-Vincent and Victor go off campus to a house party with alcohol! Albert doesn’t actually show up to steal the spotlight this time. And...that kinda pisses Vincent off. Where IS he? He usually shows up to these things -

-Victor tells him to pleeeaaaase stop obsessing about Albert, please. (But Victor also kinda wishes he was there and isn’t sure why.)

-Later in the night, some beefy upperclassman starts a fight and threatens Vincent. Vincent and Victor are both buzzed and riled up. Victor jumps in and decks the guy to protect Vincent. The guy decks him right back and HARDER. So Vincent tackles the dude because now HE’S protecting Victor.

-They both end up in the hospital with broken bones. Roommates, again. And when they look at each other across their hospital room, they realize something has changed. That they now know they would defend each other to the death, and each has to repay the loyalty of the other. They’re in this for the long haul, and most certainly not going to request new roommates.

-They get their classwork shipped into the hospital and have some nice calm chats with each other, away from the buzz of student life.

-Albert, however, suddenly has his archnemesis and his lab partner both MISSING and it’s driving him insane. Where are they where are they where are they

-When they get released from the hospital and finally go back to campus, Albert has to refrain from RUNNING UP TO THEM AND HUGGING THEM BOTH. HIS LIFE HAD NO MEANING

-Instead he says “Pity. I’d’ve hoped that you’d die and be out of my hair.”

-Vincent and Victor can’t really admit how much he was the missing piece of their lives either.

-It’s gonna be a few interesting years at RMU.

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Oct 13, 2020

A message from your future TA if you are starting college this fall :

On attendance : Attend lectures, attend workshop/tutorials/whatever the session with the TA is named.

On attendance - bis : If you can’t attend because you work, because it conflicts with other obligations (practice for university sport team, weekly medical appointements, work/student job), do not stay silent and just miss lectures/TA-sessions. Tell your TA/college administration. At worst, they are at least aware of it and know you aren’t just skipping for no reasons. At best, they can solve the situation.

On attendance - ter : If you cannot attend smaller group sessions with your TA, I would advise to just ask them in the beginning of the semester what their preference is : do you have to tell them in advance or not ? Some TAs I know like to be informed, some don’t. Ask.

On readings : Have a look at the syllabus of each course, notice the readings. If there are entire book, get these books (second hand or e-book versions are absolutely fine, but pay attention to the year of edition!!) and get familiar with them. No, you don’t need to have read all of them by the start of the term. Yes, you most likely will have to read all of them by the end of the semester.

On questions/emails : No, you are not annoying when you send emails asking questions about something you did not understand. Do we whine because it takes us time to answer ? Yes. But 90% of us also know it is simply part of our job, and if we don’t have enough time or aren’t paid enough for the jobs, we don’t blame it on the students.

On questions/emails - bis : we may whine a bit because answering student emails take time. We WILL whine WAY MORE grading papers where students clearly missed the point. And we LOVE seeing something that we took the time to explain then properly used in a student paper.

On participation and talking in class: College is filled with young, or less young, people who speak loudly, pseudo-eloquently and a lot (I teach political science, where these things get turned up to 11 on a daily basis). Don’t be initimidated, you are both taking the same class and using the same material, there is not particular reason why they would be more entitled to speak than you. You contribution does not have to be impressive, or even perfect or eloquent. And if you were actually wrong ? Whatever. We don’t care, you showed an interest, and it’s more important at your level than to show mastery.

On assignements : No way around these. Do them. Do not plagiarize, we can and will find out. A assignement imperfect and done is always better than an assignement perfect but late. If you think you have a very good reason, you can ask for an extension. At best, you get an extension. At worst, you don’t but the eprson grading you will know that the bad paper does not come from a place of disinterest from you. And it does matter.

On notes : Take complete notes. On computer, on paper, in blue, in black, in pink, with pictures, rainbow color, diagram, block of texts, stickers, drawings, quotes, whatever. Re-write them to make them pretty, keep them messy and spontaneous, whatever. Everyone works differently, find what works for you, find inspiration in the way other people do it, but there is no one-size-fits-all method.

On asking for help : get familiar with the ressources your College has, even if you don’t think you are going to need it :

for physical health : is there a doctor/nurse on site ? Are there specialists ? How to make appointements ? What are the fees ?

for mental health : Are there support groups ? How often to they meet ? Who attens them ? Counsellors ? Psychologists ? Psychatrists ? What are the procedures to get an appointements ? How long is the waiting list ?(trust me, there is a waiting list)

for studying/work : if you are a foreign student, is there a“writing in {language in use in the Unviersity}” course/support system ? Do they offer lessons ? Review your work ? Is there some tutoring system ?

On extra-curricular activities : DO. THEM. College is a time to grow. It’s a time to study you ass off, but also a time to grow into the well-rounded person you want to be. So get to know the student societies/associations/charities. Sports, arts, social, religion, political, whatever. Do something that you definitely enjoy, and will get you out of the routine of studying non-stop. If you don’t find anything within your college, go outside and find something there, no problem ! And if you are like me, with an aversion to any social gathering and just want to crawl up in the library and study for 4 years because you think it’s what’s best for your futur postgrad applications? Remember that your resume is going to look dry and sad, without any extra-curricular activity. Trust me. It will.

[Hopefully this has been of some help, anyone please feel free to add to the“list of things I wish Undergrad really knew” !]

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Nov 11, 2020

Wiztober Day Twenty: History

Welcome to Day Twenty of wiztober2020. Content warning for petty rivalry and Cyrus Drake being a bad teacher.

(link to prompt list)

Morae RavenHunter’s past didn’t have the tendency to catch up to her. She and her wife had changed their last names when they married, and her wife had a standing deal with Headmaster Ambrose to ensure any past transgressions would be forgiven. So typically, Morae didn’t bother thinking about her own education at Ravenwood Academy.

Even though she lived a short walk away from the school, with the bakery she started and its little apartment above the place. In the beginning she hadn’t given much thought aside from getting a lot of business from the students. Morae would be in the kitchen anyway, her wife Morelle up front at the register.

That hadn’t lasted long.

Students made a habit of buying a treat, maybe some coffee as well, and spending their time studying. Morae would notice when she brought out fresh trays of baked goods, when she checked in on Morelle for a quick kiss on the cheek. Students sat for hours, leaving once they finished their work. Morelle thought it was adorable to see a group of little wizards sitting with their baked goods and textbooks, and Morae had to agree.

That hadn’t lasted long.

Seeing a student sitting alone, off in a corner, reading and writing for hours without pause, exhaustion lining their face and a tangible dread around them... that left quite the bad taste in Morae’s mouth. They always wore yellow and blue.

Morelle spoke to her one afternoon as they closed up, both of them wiping down tables. Morelle had heard from the wizards that Cyrus Drake was teaching.

And that meant Morae had to intervene, for old time’s sake.

She and Morelle had been in the year below Cyrus, Malistaire, and Sylvia, who were known around school as some of the few that escaped from Dragonspyre. This meant that Morelle’s older brother Celyn had been in the same classes as Sylvia, and they had even struck up a friendship.

But Morae had capital ‘B’ Beef with Cyrus Drake. It was mostly just petty, and typically brought on by Morelle joking and prodding Morae to do something fun and mischievous for a moment, as a break from their constant studying as teenagers. So it had become a bit of a rivalry, though neither of them outright admitted to it.

Morae knew the perfect, most wholesome way of kickstarting that old petty war again. And so she began sweeping around the floor while they were open, or checking in on Morelle more often.

She would bake new treats and offer them to frustrated conjurers who were studying, telling them to take a break and have a free snack, as long as they gave feedback. Soon enough, they would talk, and Morae would casually bring up being a conjurer as well, with a secondary in Life magic thanks to her wife’s tutoring.

And so Morae became a known entity to the myth students, willing to answer questions about the most basic or most advanced magic, if she didn’t know the answer, she would find it, far more experienced with reading the confusing textbooks and deciphering their meaning.

It was honestly fun, hanging around young people, being someone they could look up to, could talk to. When her service dog, lovingly named Bread, was off duty, she would allow the students to pet the small orthrus. When they looked truly upset, she would bring them to the kitchen and have them watch her bake, tell them they were learning, and they didn’t have to think of anything else aside from her running commentary on her adjustments to her banana chocolate chip muffin recipe.

It wasn’t until Morelle pointed it out that Morae realized she had a maternal streak, and it left her musing over the idea of having a kid of her own, one day.

Cyrus Drake was unaware of what went on in the Commons. He was far too focused on organizing his lecture notes, trying to make rubrics and schedules, out of his depth and stressed, especially considering how his sister-in-law and brother were adapting well. Cyrus was not built for teaching and would not admit it, instead lashing out at his students and assigning grueling homework.

It wasn’t until the class average went from nearly failing to a decent percentage of passing students that he paid attention. He saw writing styles and examples in essays that he remembered from his own schooling, though of course not plagiarized, they were eerie. It was when one of his students listed Morae RavenHunter as a source, her anecdotes used in their homework, that Cyrus went from mildly perplexed to internally pissed off.

That, of course, led to passive aggressive meetings at Morae’s bakery, where she gave Cyrus a muffin on the house, smiling all the while, and commenting on how bright his students were. And he, jaw tight and eyes hard, would compliment her on her baking.

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Feb 25, 2019

After months of putting up with my roommate from hell, I got the revenge of lifetime and screwed her over out of a f*ckton of money and got her to pay rent and life has never been sweeter! (This is a long one)

This is a long one but very much worth the ride, so buckle up. (also, English isn't my native lang, sorry if there are any mistakes)

This story takes place a couple of years back. During college, I lived with several roommates, all of them were nice and we got along well, except for this one bitch, let's call her Karen. if Satan and Hitler had a child and that child had a child with Stalin and Cruella de Vil, that would be Karen for you, she is a loud-mouthed stupid, egocentric bitch who has the face that scare the sh*t out of a toilet. She would never clean up after herself, she would always leave her plates and things at the spot where she last used them. I have lost counts of how many times, I caught her stealing my clothes without asking and if you so much as touch her clothes she loses her sh*t on you, or her drinking our lactose-intolerant roommates almond milk and any time we confronted her for drinking it, she would shrug and say "I only had a sip, stop being so stingy." She plays her music loud at night, invites stranger without giving any heads up, a time or two she didnt pay rent even though her parents are FILTHY RICH and she is wearing gucci and prada sh*t, Karen also f*cking lies about everything, even things that are not worth lying about. like if she woke up 7, and you ask her, she'll lie through her f*cking teeth and say she rose with the sun rise because she is a natural. (ps, this is something i actually heard her say to her parents while she was skypeing cringy, who the f*ck says that? but i digress)

Months we have f*cking put up with her, of course we tried to get other roommates but unfortunately when we all moved in everything, all documents and contracts were done in her name so kicking her out would require a lot of effort and most of us were busy with school and work and life happens. So we ignore it as much as we can and try to move on.

We are now all seniors and in our final semesters, meaning graduation was coming, AND Karen is planning a backpack trip across Europe with her friends as a graduation gift to herself, this is important so remember this.

One of our roommates and my closest friend, Sasha, has had a crush on a guy that lives down the hall. Any time the two of them are together, Sasha and the Guy keep giving each other googly eyes and blushing faces; it was sooo cute. Sasha is a verbal autistic person and has never dated anyone because she has a hard time with socializing and understanding social ques and subtlety, which lets face it, that is the core of dating, especially flirting but with a lot of encouragement from me and the final roommate, Lola we got her to ask him out. He said yes. She was so happy, you guys, she flew back into the apartment and did an hour of happy dance with her arms flailing about and a sh*t eatin grin on her face; needless to say we were all so happy. Karen caught wind of this and it just so happens at that time she was having relationship problems, I guess her bf finally realized he's dating human garbage. Not one to be outshined, Karen behind all of our backs went to the guy's place and spun lies about Sasha, saying she is a serial cheater and even made a fake account for Sasha's so called bf. the guy never called Sasha, and eventually weeks passed by he told us why but by then Sasha felt like the damage was done and lost interest in him.


This, this level of dickery and bloody pettiness is the straw that finally broke the camel's back and I vowed I wouldn't f*cking leave until I served my slice of justice. Here's another character that you must know about, Prof C. His wife two years ago was in a horrible car accident and as a result is in a wheelchair, this is especially problematic because she was a stay home mom that took care of their two special needs kids and they have a toddler at home. Home life is a mess for him, he is running ragged between working and single-handedly is taking care of his family, the uni took pity and also feared the workload would see one of their best and most beloved teachers leave the school struck a deal with him to help him out. In all of his classes there will be quizzes and midterms, this doesnt change, but assignments you submit and he corrects at the end of the year, this is important cuz our uni has zero tolerance on proffs that dont constantly update the students course works so that students have the chance to improve their grades.

Karen, the lazy and stupid bitch she is, is somehow skating through his assignments, even though they require a sh*t tone of research and writing. I accidentally learned that one of her older friends told her that she only needs submit the paper on its due date and to only write the first 3 pages and use a paraphrase tool for the rest of the paper so the plagiarism software wont detect it and would think its original material and when the end of the year comes, submit a hard copy but with the first pages being her actual work and the rest being completely plagiarized, professional work. Prof C won't know cuz the likelihood a man as busy as him thoroughly checking the work of 120+ students is pretty low. I grinned. A plan was beginning to formulate in my head. Oh, sweet mother of Jesus, she is going down! All semester long I let her do this for all of the 7 papers, one of them which is a term paper that has 20% on it alone, all the while I spied and gathered all of her pass codes, social media, her student ID, everything.

The end of the year came and I compiled all of her assignments, both the original one with the paraphrasing tools she used to circumvent plagiarism and the one she finally handed them in, and I even made photos were there are side-to-side comparison of the assignments. This is a good start but not enough. So, One day chillin at the living room I open a conversation about relationships, Karen is two timing her new boyfriend and is sleeping with some other Person. so, I ask her questions like "don't you feel guilty for cheating?" and "You do realize this is wrong?" and I even paraphrase my words in a way that is vague but also clear, for example I would say "It's not fair, so many people work so hard everyday to be successful and you are here cheating and lying your way to success." Karen, narcissistic as f*ck, would respond with snippets of I dont care and how she isnt cheating, she is only having fun and that everyone does it so why not her too. This is too good to be true, even her answers are vague, its like god put his hand on my shoulder, looked me right in the eyes and said, "burry this bitch". and Id be damned if I didnt. As you probably have guessed it by now, I was recording EVERYTHING. The recording plus the photos, and her assignments were more than enough evidence, I sent an anonymous email to the Professor, and i tell the girls so that they can prep for the sh*t storm thats coming. Three weeks later, results are out. she failed and LOST HER sh*t. She was screamin, crying, wailing, what a sight to see! you best believe, the girls and I were laughing. She tried to talk to the prof, but he was not having it. she cried and begged for a second chance but he said a hard no. So now she has two options: she goes ahead and doesn't graduate with us, and takes on a whole 'nother semester for one measly course or take summer course and cancel her trip to Europe, which mind you she spent a f*ckton on, something like 13, 000$ and I know it could have been much cheaper but Princess Karen only wanted the best so yh. The next couple of weeks she spent sleepless nights because she was calling and cancelling all the reservations she made, tryin to get her money back BUT (again, GOD really was out for blood that day) because the cancellation was so close to some her trip most places refused to refund, or some charged her cancellation fees. She only managed to scrap 5.5 K back together, lossin 7.5 K. OUCH!

Its not over, having damning evidence I, with earned gusto, told her she was going to pay all of the bills till we move out, which was in two months, payback for all the times she was late on payment or defaulted and she would from now do her part of the house chores or else Im gonna send it all to the admin and faculty dean and she will fo sho be kicked out and all those uni years will have been for nothing. She hated it, she f*cking threw tantrums and cussed me out but my god if she didnt do whats told. she cleaned her stuff, apologized to Sasha for what she did, I forced her to come clean to her BF (dont know the guy but the few times i met him he was super sweet to us and i felt bad for the guy), I watched her actually do the dishes for the first time in like years. IT was f*cking amazing and I don't regret it one bit. In fact, anytime I feel sad now as an adult, i kick back my feet and reminiscine and a slow sh*t eatin grin draws itself upon my face.

tl;dr roommate was super mean, i found out she was cheating on her assignments and so i snitched on her and as a result she had to stay the summer and retake the class again or else she wouldn't graduate.

(source) story by (/u/let-the-write-one-in)

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