Sky Bri Biography, Age, Wiki, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Family & More (2024)

Sky Bri is a model and social media star who is getting really popular on platforms like Instagram and Onlyfans. She has over 600,000 followers on Instagram and is also successful on other social media platforms.

She also makes money from an Onlyfans account. Starting as an Instagram influencer, Sky’s presence has exploded across all social media platforms. In a remarkably short time, she’s built a massive online following, becoming a renowned influencer.

Sky Bri, born Skylar, is an American influencer who has taken the social media world by storm. Born on February 21st, 1999 (a Pisces!) in Pennsylvania, she grew up in the sunny Ocean City, Maryland.

After graduating high school, she made the big move to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. Sky stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs around 55 kilograms. She has beautiful light blonde hair and blue eyes.

As a model, Skylar takes pride in her stunning figure, with measurements of 34-24-36 and a shoe size of 8.5 (US).

Her most striking features are her captivating eyes and charming smile. With piercings on her nose, navel, and ears, she adds a touch of individuality to her already captivating look.

Date Of BirthFebruary 21, 1999
Age25 Years
HeightIn Centimeters – 170.18 cm

In Feet and Inches – 5′ 7″

WeightIn Kilograms – 55 kg

In Pounds – 121.25 lbs

Figure Measurements34-24-36
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Shoe Size8.5 (US)

Sky Bri’s net worth is around $1.75 million and she makes most of her money by having people pay to see her content on Onlyfans, not from advertising other brands.

Even though she has a lot of followers on Instagram, she rarely uses it to promote other brands. Instead, she uses it to promote her Onlyfans account.

She does the same thing on Twitter. Skylar shares special content on a website, and only people who pay can see it. The payment options range from $20 to $96.

Her basic monthly plan costs $20, but sometimes it’s on sale for $5. Skylar chose not to get involved in adult films because she wanted to be independent and not rely on others.

She doesn’t like the idea of working for money and prefers being her own boss. That’s why she joined the subscription website

Skylar comes from a mixed-heritage background, but she’s American by nationality. She chooses to keep her personal life private, so we don’t have information about her family yet. If we get any new details about her parents or siblings, we’ll add them to this article.

Birth PlacePennsylvania, United States
ProfessionInstagram model and social media star
Sexual OrientationStraight
SchoolPrivate Schools in America
CollegeNot Known
Home TownPennsylvania, United States
Fathers NameName Not Known
Mothers NameName Not Known
BrothersName Not Known
SisterName Not Known

Sky Bri started her social media career on Instagram by posting pictures of herself. She had a previous account that got deleted, but she didn’t let that stop her.

In the beginning, not many people noticed her, so she worked at different jobs, like Target, to make a living. As she kept posting consistently on Instagram, more and more people started noticing her.

Eventually, her pictures reached a big audience, and she became popular enough to quit her job and focus on social media full-time.

Rumors about her being in a relationship with Jake Paul also helped boost her followers. A big turning point was when she appeared in a video on the Sidemen channel on YouTube.

After that, her followers on Instagram grew by more than 100k in just two days. She also appeared in videos by other YouTubers like Simplistic, Andrew Davilla, LoveLiveServe, and more. Now, Sky Bri has over 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

Sky Bri isn’t dating anyone right now, so she’s single. She hasn’t gotten married yet, and she’s also not currently married. In the past few years, she’s dated a few famous people, but she isn’t with anyone at the moment.

People were talking a lot about the possibility of her dating the famous YouTube star, Jake Paul. This started after they were seen kissing in public.

This happened after Jake Paul had ended his relationship with the model Julia Rose. However, it’s not clear if they were actually dating at that time.

BoyfriendsJake Paul

Sky Bri Biography, Age, Wiki, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Family & More (1)

Marital StatusUnmarried

Here we are providing you with a list of her favorite things.

Favorite ActorsNot Known
Favorite ActressNot Known
Favorite Musical InstrumentNot Known
Favorite Singer(s)Not Known
  • She’s on TikTok as skybribaby and has around 90k followers.
  • Sky really likes the Harry Potter movies.
  • She’s been on some podcasts like TheSync Podcast, The Leo & Danny Show, and No Jumper.
  • Sky has quite a few tattoos on her body.
  • She joined Twitter in November 2021 and has more than 469k followers.
  • Sky also drinks alcohol.
  • Sky has a backup Instagram account called Skybribri with 31k followers.
  • On Instagram, Sky has a few hundred thousand followers but follows less than 500 people.
  • Instagram@realskybri
  • Twitter@skybri_
  • Facebook@SkyBri
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    Sky Bri Biography, Age, Wiki, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Family & More (2024)


    What nationality is Sky BRI? ›

    How old is Ski Bre? ›

    Ski Bri's biography. The social media personality was born on 21st February 1999 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. How old is Ski Bri? She is 24 years old as of 2023.

    Why is Ski BRI so popular? ›

    A popular adult content creator on the internet, Bri initially amassed a large following on Instagram and went on to achieve an equally substantial amount of success on the website OnlyFans. Ski posed for her first nude shoot for Playboy Plus in December, 2022.

    Where does Ski BRI live? ›

    Profile summary
    Real nameSkylar Bri
    Current residenceLos Angeles, California, US
    18 more rows
    Jun 16, 2022

    How tall is Ruka skiing? ›

    Rukatunturi (Finnish: Ruka) is a 492 metres (1,614 ft) high fell and a ski resort in Kuusamo, Finland. Apart from downhill skiing, there are over 500 km of cross-country skiing tracks.

    Does ski BRI have an Instagram? ›

    $ky (@skybribri) Instagram photos and videos.

    How old are ski lifts? ›

    A ski lift is a mechanism for transporting skiers up a hill. Ski lifts are typically a paid service at ski resorts. The first ski lift was built in 1908 by German Robert Winterhalder in Schollach/Eisenbach, Hochschwarzwald.

    How much money does bri have? ›

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    Where is bri chief from? ›

    Bri was born and raised in Orlando, Florida, the United States of America, as Briana Prince. She has not disclosed many details about her family members, except she has three siblings, Thalia, Berlin, and Janiya.

    Was Sky Bri with jake paul? ›

    Paul immediately had a fling with Bri before getting back with Rose in April. “The very first night, the first conversation we had, 'This is for clout. ' He was like, 'At the end of this, I want you to post it."

    Who is bri from Ryan's World? ›

    Brianna Jaynes is a voice actor for the Ryan's World franchise.


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