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Choosing Apex hosting to play Minecraft can take your gameplay experience to a whole new level.

It provides rich features, functionalities, and performance to enhance your games. And if you come across any issues, they can resolve them faster, so you can continue playing games without interruptions.

Now, some of you may ask why rent a gaming server when it’s possible to play video games for free by self-hosting using a regular network.

Yes, that’s possible. But that also comes with a cost, not in terms of money but performance and overall gaming experience.

Self-hosting can annoy you with constant lags and downtimes, and the lack of features will keep you lagging behind other gamers.

This is why you need a powerful game hosting service like Apex Hosting to rent a server and play Minecraft seamlessly while enjoying a robust performance, greater uptime, and incredible features.

Let’s talk about Apex Hosting and how it can help improve your Minecraft gameplay experience.

Introducing Minecraft

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Minecraft is a legendary sandbox game that was released by Mojang Studios in 2011, and it is played by millions of gamers across the world. It is a best-selling video game with around 140 million active players. This game lets the player explore a blocky and three-dimensional world with infinite landscapes.

You can either play Minecraft in survival mode or creative mode.

  • In survival mode, players are given limited resources to collect and survive in the gaming world.
  • In creative mode, players have unlimited resources to survive the world.

The craze for this game is unmatchable, as there are still millions of players who spend hours exploring the ever-expanding landscape of Minecraft. You can best enjoy the game in multiplayer mode, where you can bring many other players from your friends and family to play along. All can come together and work towards building a base and surviving the dangers.

What Is Apex Hosting?

Apex Hosting is undoubtedly one of the best game hosting services in the industry, offering Minecraft servers for decades.

This hosting service is a favorite among many Minecraft players because it provides many exclusive features and incredible performance that elevates the gaming experience to a whole new level. It is a multinational hosting service that anyone from anywhere in the world can access with ease.

12 Reasons to Use Apex Hosting for Your Minecraft Gameplay | Geekflare (2)

Whether you live in Texas (USA), London (UK), or Mumbai (India), you will get top-notch service throughout due to its worldwide server location. This American organization started its journey in 2013, and since then, it has been delivering excellent services. They focus on creating a solid hosting infrastructure and robust support team.

Apart from providing top-notch hosting services, they also have kept the pricing affordable, making them a top choice among many gamers. Apex Hosting uses the latest hardware, advanced DDoS protection, and a high-bandwidth network for the game servers.

All their servers are based on Java and Bedrock edition, ensuring high reliability throughout the lifecycle. No wonder why they have reached a staggering figure of 300,000 hosted servers for Minecraft!

Moreover, once you get an Apex Hosting server for Minecraft, you never look for an alternative option. You would love using the service and spending hours building your base on Minecraft.

Even though Apex Hosting is widely popular for hosting Minecraft, they have also expanded their supporting games list by including Ark, Rust, CS: GO, Unturned, Arma, Starbound, and other prolific games.

Top Reasons to Choose Apex Hosting for Minecraft

Apex Hosting offers many features, including some exclusive ones that give Minecraft players ample reasons to choose them over others. Here are some top-notch features that make it the best choice for playing Minecraft.

Industry-Leading Hardware Support

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Apex Hosting has geared its server with industry-leading hardware like Ryzen 9 5900X 4.8Ghz or Intel Xeon 2288G 5.0Ghz processors and 128GB DDR4 RAM to ensure lag-free performance.

They have also utilized NVME Raid 1 lightning-quick storage space so that you get a fast boot-up whenever you start the game. Their teams continuously monitor this service and its hardware components to ensure you have full resources to run the game at high TPS.

Worldwide Data Centre Locations

All their top-quality bare metal servers are located in all the prime areas of the world, ensuring low-ping Minecraft gameplay. The servers that are located in the US are in Portland (Oregon), Los Angeles (California), Dallas (Texas), Vint Hill (Virginia), and Miami (Florida).

Outside the US, they also have 11 servers spread across different parts of the world. These locations are Montreal (Canada), São Paulo (Brazil), London (United Kingdom), Gravelines (France), Frankfurt (Germany), Tel Aviv (Israel), Singapore, Sydney (Australia), Istanbul (Turkey), Tokyo (Japan), and Mumbai (India). The organization also has tie-ups with many Tier 3 data centers to ensure low ping for all the Minecraft players playing from anywhere in the world.

Advanced DDoS Protection

This hosting service is known for its advanced DDoS protection, which ensures your underground mine exploration won’t be interrupted by any means. The servers are rated to handle DDoS attacks up to 300 Gbps, so the server is available 24/7. Importantly, they employ enterprise-level mitigation systems, so if there is any issue, it would be mitigated quickly.

Mini-Game Support

Mini-game support is a unique feature that gives Apex Hosting an edge over others. Minecraft Java Edition is well known for its mini-games and offers numerous choices. While purchasing the Minecraft server, you can choose any game type, and it will be instantly ready for you.

The mini-game options you will get are bedwars, boost, build battle, capture the Flag, cave block, creative, fraction, hardcore, lobby, murder mystery, prison, quake, and many more. However, when you go for the Minecraft mini-game, you should get a server with high RAM support.

Streamlined Control Panel

The streamlined Multicraft 2.0 control panel of Apex Hosting service is one of its biggest USPs. Whether you are managing a server for the first time or you are an experienced admin, you can easily glide through the console, manage files, modify server versions, and edit configuration.

Through this control panel, you also get many other intuitive features that make it easy to customize your Minecraft and also make it ready to play whenever you want. You can access the control panel not only through your PC but also smartphone or tablet.

One-Click Mod Packs

With this hosting service, you can install and play your favorite mod pack with just one click. Apex Hosting allows you to go beyond the standard gameplay and enables you to install any mod you want to spice up your Minecraft playing experience.

The installation is straightforward, and you can change the version whenever you want. You can try the popular mod packs from Technic, Void Wrath and Feed, and The Beast, which have garnered a lot of attention from experienced Minecraft players.

Free Subdomain

With every Minecraft server you get, Apex Hosting will provide a free custom sub-domain name. You can use the subdomain name to share on your website or with your friends.

Getting a subdomain benefits many because it eliminates the need for a dedicated IP address to create a name for your Minecraft server. The best part is that the free subdomain name doesn’t depend on the size of your server you get.

Variety of Plugin Options

You can customize the Minecraft server also with various plugins without requiring to install them. Plugins make server management and gameplay much more convenient. They enable you to create different ranks, decide who can access certain areas, add special characters to names, and many more.

However, to run the plugins, you will have to have the server as Spigot, Paper, or Craftbukkit. You will find a wide variety of plugins on Spigot or Bukkit repositories, so you can always find a new way to enjoy your exploration in Minecraft differently.

Effective 24/7 Customer Support

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Apex Hosting has an incredible customer service team who are ready to assist you all the time to solve any issue. They also feature 24/7 live chat assistance where server administrators help you with any query.

The live chat can be easily accessed through the control panel, and there is hardly any wait time before you get connected to experienced customer service personnel. While communicating with customer service regarding any query or issue, you won’t have any language issues because Apex Hosting offers multilingual assistance.

Users can communicate not only in English but also in Spanish, German, and other popular languages. This ensures effective communication between the user and the service desk without language issues.

Reliable Automated Backup

This hosting service always ensures you do not lose any saved games or data due to any malfunction or server failure. It performs a regular offsite automated data backup to keep all your data safe from any kind of failure.

In the event of any crash or sudden failure, the server administrator will quickly restore the saved data to the central server so you can resume your building and farming work from where you have left.

Instant Setup Feature

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Like every other top game hosting service, Apex Hosting also automatically configures the server in a few minutes, so you can start your Minecraft journey immediately without setting up everything yourself.

Once you make the purchase, the servers are automatically provisioned, and it quickly gets set up depending on your requirements. According to Apex Hosting, the maximum time required to finish a server setting is around 5 minutes.

Availability of Pre-Made Maps

If you have been playing Minecraft for quite some time, you know how hard it is to build a new map. It can take long hours. However, with an Apex Hosting server, you can easily generate a new map as you will have access to hundreds of pre-made maps. All these beautifully crafted pre-made maps by Apex teams streamline the whole process.

If the maps are not built into the game, you can also download them from the source and add them through the control panel.

Benefits of Using Apex Hosting

When it comes to Minecraft servers, Apex Hosting serves as an obvious choice for many due to the various benefits it offers.

#1. Incredible Performance

12 Reasons to Use Apex Hosting for Your Minecraft Gameplay | Geekflare (6)

With Apex Hosting having your hosting service, you won’t have to worry about performance. Whether playing alone or with many friends, you won’t ever feel any lag or dropped FPS. It utilizes enterprise-level hardware for all its servers, which helps the server to deliver incredible performance.

#2. Simple Setup and Customization

The highly intuitive multicraft control panel makes it easy for every gamer to easily set up and customize the server. Even if you have less experience in server management, you won’t have difficulty running the server. All the controls are appropriately located so that you can seamlessly make changes without any problem.

#3. Worldwide Server Location

Apex Hosting has servers located across 16 geographical areas worldwide, covering the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. This ensures a low ping performance no matter where you are playing from. Plus, you get automatically connected to the closest server possible without intervention.

#4. Enhanced Security and Reliability

With Apex hosting, you have optimum security and reliability. It gets top-of-the-line DDoS protection that won’t fail even under severe DDoS attacks. Moreover, it employs an automated backup system and ensures a reliable service every time you stop the game. The servers are designed with dedicated hardware that won’t fail under heavy load and would run non-stop.

#5. Affordable Pricing

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The pricing of this hosting service is another reason that attracts many people to it. Apex Hosting offers you numerous options so that you pay according to your usage. From 2GB RAM to 16GB and a choice of server types and mod packs, it lets you decide the plan you can get.

The minimum subscription fee you will have to pay is $7.49 per month. If you go for the extreme configuration, then you will have to pay $44.99 per month. The best part is that you also get a 7-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the performance.

#6. Excellent Customer Service

Apex Hosting is known for its outstanding customer service, and they are always available to solve issues. Moreover, they have well-trained service agents who can guide you through most of the problems that you might face. Customer service is reachable through both messages and calls, so getting in touch with them won’t be a problem for you.

#7. Rich Feature List

Apex Hosting has a rich set of excellent features. The option to utilize multiple plugins and mods in the servers makes it highly beneficial for all gamers. You will have the ability to use and download multiple plugs and mods from various sources to spice up your gameplay.

Moreover, you will have numerous pre-made maps on the server and can even download them from specific sources. You will also have access to innumerable mini-games from the list of pre-made game types on this server.

Final Words

Apex Hosting is a reliable Minecraft hosting service that you can choose. It will treat you with top-notch performance and uptime, affordable pricing, and a massive list of great features when you take their server.

Thus, if you are wondering whether you should choose Apex Hosting for playing Minecraft or not, I’d suggest choosing it.

Next, check out how to host a Minecraft server on Vultr.

12 Reasons to Use Apex Hosting for Your Minecraft Gameplay | Geekflare (2024)


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